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Novamed Esophageal Stethoscope 10-1550-040

Purchase Online this Novamed Esophageal Stethoscope 10-1550-040 with 400 Series Temperature Probe. Also known as LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscope by NOVAMED.

  • MODEL # 1550 18FR ES / 400 Series

  • PN: 10-1550-040


  • NOVAMED USA PART # 10-1550-040
    Esophageal, Stethoscope, 400 Series, 18 Fr, Temperature Monitoring

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Sorensen Mobile Suction Apparatus 2590-120G

Sorensen Mobile Suction Apparatus 2590-120G

This is a sturdy, convenient, easy-to-use unit designed for mild intermittent and mild intermittent/constant drainage. It produces a gentle suction with minimum noise, and are capable of dependable operation over lengthy periods of time for post-operative care.

The Sorensen 2590 (Noise-Free) Thermal Intermittent Surgical Suction Machine features a disposable, hydrophobic / bacteriostatic filter designed to protect both the pump and the ambient environment from aqueous or airborne bacterial contamination; as seen here. The Model 2590 by Sorensen is a post-operative mobile unit designed to deliver mild intermittent rise suction for use in abdominal decompression or drainage of the abdomen, bladder and other body cavities. It is ideal when either 90 or 120 mm of vacuum is required.




Quiet, Mobile, Reliable, Lightweight, Dependable, Large capacity, Hospital-grade plug, Solid state construction, Sturdy and well balanced, Long lasting performance, Non-mechanical operation, Minimum repair or downtime, Automatic air vent overflow cutoff, Convenient built-in line cord storage, Disposable hydrophobic/bacteriostatic filter, Offered with a 2200 ml collection bottle, Automatic continuous operation (90 or 120 mmHg), Chemical resistant stainless steel space-saving top.

Easy rolling 3” (8 cm) ball bearing caster with two locking ones, and is Designed for extended periods of continuous operation.


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Solid state construction offers automatic intermittent operation that’s so quiet that you’ll hardly know that it’s working. Non-mechanical operation delivers long lasting performance with minimum repair or downtime. SORENSEN MOBILE SUCTION APPARATUS MODEL 2590 Mobile Intermittent Thermal Drainage.

You can download or view the Sorensen Model 2590 brochure on Impact Instrumentation Inc website located here is a great companion and is recommended even that it be used with the Wangensteen suctioning technique.


Sorensen Mobile Suction Apparatus Model 2590

SORENSEN MODEL 2590 Mild Intermittent Thermal Drainage Aspirator

Due to the US Military having overstocked such items, Iteleti Medical entered into a contract to purchase these Government Surplus Medical Devices. For more information about the Contracts of the Manufacturer (Impact Instrumentation Inc | Sorensen) of this MOBILE SUCTION APPARATUS, such as their recent Government Contracts click here. This Item Includes the 2200 ml collection bottle as shown, graduated in cubic centimeters

NEW IN OPENED BOX means that we have removed item to Verify it’s operational and then reinserted back into box. (We DO NOT SALE any medical device that has been altered in any way that slightly or significantly changes the product’s performance or safety specifications)

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AutoMedx SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator

AutoMedx SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator 600×10

The AutomedX SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator is designed to be quickly deployed in a pre-hospital environment by a BLS or ALS provider, a medic or any first responder with limited training. It is lightweight, rugged, hands-free, and contains a number of alarms and safety features not found in similarly priced devices. The SAVe delivers an AHA compliant tidal volume (600mL) at a fixed respiratory rate (10 bpm) which removes any guesswork and reduces errors.

SAVe Ventilator
Available Now!@ One Left as of June 10th, 2018
Photo of Actual Item
Photo of Actual Item
Comes in the Manuf. Box!
Comes in the Manuf. Box!








Portable, easy to use, safe and cost effective the SAVe is the ideal alternative to bag-valve-masks or expensive transport ventilators.

This Ventilator is in great condition and great working order. Also been kept in storage and has been handled only to maintain the devices functionality per annum. This device was last Calibrated on 01/2011. The Original SAVe Hard Case, ResQstrap, Ventilation Mask, and Manual are NOT INCLUDED (Items can be inexpensively replaced direct from the Manufacturer AutoMedx if you choose to, directly).

AutomedX SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator

Purchase NEW or USED AutoMedx SAVe Ventilators on or go to and shop around


The Ventilator itself and Listed Accessories below all come in a PELICAN HARDIGG hard case equipped with a Halkey Roberts 790 Dual Action Breather Valve (case has some light scratches and scuffs).

AutoMedx SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator 600X10

  • Simplified Automated Ventilator (SAVe) – Primary Unit
  • Single-Use Patient Circuit and Pressure Tubing x 2
  • External power supply and AC plug
  • Supplemental O2 Tubing
  • Waterproof, Military Quality, Pelican Hardigg Hard Case
  • Training Slides (in lieu of Manual)

The device addresses the dangers associated with bagging patients and frees up a responder to address other injuries, perform compressions, attend to other patients or further assist in transporting the patient.

The ventilator is completely self-contained, weighs only 3 pounds and does not require a compressed gas source. It can be used with a mask or a secure airway. Low pressure supplemental oxygen can be used if desired. The SAVe will deliver ambient air for up to 5.5 hours on a single battery charge and may be recharged from a standard AC outlet. It is a set flow, time cycled, pressure limited (38 cmH2O) device.


Ventilation Mode: Positive Pressure ventilation
Tidal Volume: 600ml
FIO2: Ambient air (21%) or supplemental oxygen (21 to 62%) Peak Inspiratory
Pressure: 38cmH20
Inspiratory / Expiratory Time: 2.25 seconds / 3.85 seconds
Breathing Rate: 10BPM (fixed)
Alarms: Low pressure (disconnect), High pressure (blockage) and Low battery.
Alarm Mute: Yes (on – off switch)
Operating Time: 5.5 Hours on Lead – Acid rechargeable battery or continuous on AC power
Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.9 x 6.3cms
Weight: 1.3kgs (Ventilator)

The AutoMedx SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator 600X10 (SAVe) mitigates the potential for injury, reduces operator error, complies with guidelines and improves a medical responder’s ability to perform other critical task. It is ideally suited for situations where the use of pressurized gas is inadvisable or unavailable, or where size, weight, ease of use and portability are a consideration. Forward deployed field medics, mass casualty incident coordinators within the Department of Homeland Security and EMS professionals will find the device well suited to their needs.

AutoMedx SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator

Success Stories

  • Afghanistan Battlefield
  • The SAVe was used post operatively in Kenya Kenya
  • South African Dignitary Evacuation

Benefits and Features:

Easy to Use:
• Single knob operation
• Low Training Requirements
• Hands-Free

• Allows Spontaneous Breathing
• Accepts Up to 6LPM of supplemental O2
• Powered by Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery or Electrical Outlet

• Single Tidal Volume and Respiratory Rate Reduces Chance of Operator Error
• Tidal Volume = 600 mL
• Breaths / Minute = 10
• EtCO2 Detector
• No Compressed Gas Required

Intelligent Design:
• Detects Blockage and Disconnects
• Fail-Safe Mechanisms and Visual/Audible Alarms
• Up to 5.5 Hours per Charge

Use Anywhere:
• Rugged, Compact Design (6.5 x 6.25 x 2.5 inches)
• Long shelf life and durability
• Lightweight (3.1 pounds)
• Self-Contained

AutoMedx SAVe


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Cisco Catalyst WS-C4507R-E 7-Slot Chassis


The Cisco Catalyst WS-C4507R-E offers 8 supervisor engine options. It provides a common architecture that can scale up to 388 ports. The Cisco Catalyst WS-C4507R-E also offers high availability by supporting 1+1 redundant supervisor engines with subsecond failover time and full-image In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSUs). Nonstop forwarding with Stateful Switchover (NSF/SSO) and ISSU help to ensure continuous packet forwarding during supervisor engine switchover to help ensure high availability for collaboration applications and voice over IP (VoIP).

Cisco Catalyst WS-C4507R-E
Cisco Catalyst 4500 E Series WS-C4507R-E

The E-Series chassis come in four different form factors. This Listing is for the 7-slot (4507R-E) Cisco Catalyst 4500 e Series Chassis. It is Brand New (not in original box) and has never been used (Military Surplus Item) NEW-Old Stock. It’s extremely flexible and supports 6 Gbps and 24 Gbps per line-card slot.

ONLY this 7-Slot (and 10-Slot) has Integrated resiliency found in the Cisco Catalyst 4500E Series which includes 1+1 supervisor engine redundancy (7-slot only), redundant fans, software-based fault tolerance, and 1+1 power supply. This Chassis is the WS-C4507R-E and comes as it does from the Factory – Fan, NO Power Supply, and Redundant Supervisor Capable. .

Cisco Catalyst Supervisor Engine Software Minimum Requirements (WS-C4507R-E):

  • – Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(40)SG for Supervisor Engine V-10GE or 6-E; or
  • – Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(52)SG for Supervisor Engine 6L-E; or
  • – Cisco IOS XE Software Release 3.0(1)SG for Supervisor Engine 7-E.

WS-C4507R-E chassis support up to 34 switched 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The performance capacities of the Supervisor Engine 7L-E on this Cisco Catalyst 4507R-E Chassis is 24 Gbps/slot (The 4507+R is 48 Gbps/slot).

Cisco Catalyst WS-C4507R-E Chassis
Cisco Catalyst WS-C4507R-E Chassis 7 Rack Mountable Switch

The Cisco® Catalyst® 4500 Series Switches enable borderless networks, providing high performance, mobile, and secure user experience through Layer 2-4 switching investments. It enables security, mobility, application performance, video, and energy savings over an infrastructure that supports resiliency, virtualization, and automation. Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switches provide borderless performance, scalability, and services with reduced total cost of ownership and superior investment protection.

Product Dimensions 12.5 x 17.3 x 19.2 inches
Item Weight 44.5 pounds
Shipping Weight 50 pounds
Item model number WS-C4507R-E
Manufacturer CISCO SYSTEMS

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