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Belmont FMS2000 Fluid Management System Rapid Infuser

THE BELMONT FMS2000 Fluid Management System or Rapid Infuser

Belmont FMS2000 also known as the Belmont Fluid Management System…

The Belmont Rapid Infuser product Belmont FMS2000 is a fluid management system that infuses blood, replacement IV fluids or irrigation fluids warmed to physiologic temperature at userset rates from 10 to 750 milliliters per minute (ml/min). Low infusion rates of 2.5 and 5.0ml/min (150 and 300ml/hr) are also available to keep the venous line open. No heating is provided at these low infusion rates.

Learn more about the BELMONT RAPID INFUSER from the Manufacturers Video or you can purchase the Belmont FMS2000 now below without Case or Disposables – $929.00 Each



Flow and Temperature Delivered rapidly and Accurately

The system monitors temperature, line pressure, and air in the fluid path to ensure safe operation and alarms at all unsafe conditions. A hardware override circuit prevents unsafe operation in case of system computer failure.

Belmont Rapid Infuser

Unique Instant Heater

  • Infused fluid warmed to real physiological temperature in seconds
  • No overheating or “hot spots”
  • Patented induction heater warms without water baths or microwaves
  • No temperature drop at high speeds

High Speed Volumetric Pump

  • Complete flow control from 2.5 – 500ml/min at the touch of a button
  • Eliminates dangerous, uncontrollable bag compressors
  • Monitors total infused volume for accurate I/O charting
  • Optional cardiotomy reservoir eliminates frequent bag changing

Belmont FMS2000We have gone through some of the basics on the BELMONT RAPID INFUSER with the Help modules and screens which direct you on the inserting of the disposable and the different service screens without error. Voltage seems correct and display is as it should resolution wise. Like with any unit of this type, it should always be bio-med tested before putting into service.

The BELMONT RAPID INFUSER or Belmont FMS2000 comes with the 86 Page Manual plus Waterproof Hard Case, Software, and Accessories.

The price we are asking for a working device of this magnitude is way below any wholesale price. Only from acquiring such surplus from the Federal Government and Military Surplus Auctions that we are able to offer this device for such a low low price. This really should be advertised and placed on a larger medical site and ask thousands for it compared to the hundreds we are asking. This is a must buy!


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Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit


You can see our listing of the Chattanooga C2 Colpac on ebay by clicking here


  •           ONE Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit
  •           SIX STANDARD SIZE COLPAC’s 11” x 14” (CHATTANOOGA P/N CH143CT05-L)
  •           ONE THERMOMETER DIAL 2236-06-1 (CHATTANOOGA P/N 4228)


The Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit is simple and easy to operate. The thermostat controls the temperature of the chilling chamber. It is located in the rear of the unit, behind the removable panel. The refrigeration system of the COLPAC Master Chilling Unit has been adjusted, tested and calibrated to chill the COLPACs to a temperature between 10° F to 21° F (-6° C to -12° C).

Chattanooga C2 Colpac

Large Capacity and fast chilling time of the Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit means your patients will never have to wait. The Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit help you keep pace throughout a busy day.

No Plumbing required, simply plug into a standard electrical outlet.



No plumbing required on the Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit

Closed-cell foam insulation

Drain valve for easy cleaning and defrosting

Stainless steel, welded construction

Heavy-duty compressor

4 (8 cm) swivel-type rubber casters for silent, friction-free movement of mobile units.

C2 Colpac

SPECIFICATIONS (Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit):

Rated Voltage: 115V

Rated Frequency: 60 Hz

Current: 4 Amps

Work: .14914KWh or 1/5 hp

Type of Refrigerant: R-134A

Amount of Refrigerant: C-2, 198 g (7 oz.)

Test Pressures: High, 1.62 MPa (235 psi) | Low, 1.03 MPa (150 psi)

Normal Operating Temperature: -12° C to -6° C (+10° F to +21° F)


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Outstanding Quality and Value – Propaq Encore
Unmatched durability: Engineered to withstand shock up to 50g. The preferred monitor for air transport programs and military agencies around the world. Just a few of the Key Quality and Value points:

  • Low annual cost of ownership and unmatched reliability
  • One monitor suited for both transport and bedside — no break in monitoring and no need to change sensors
  • MUST PURCHASE Accessories and AC Power Adapter and you’ll be ready to use

Features common to all Propaq Encore Models

  • ECG, 3-lead or 5-lead configurations, 0.05-40/0.5-40 Hz
  • NIBP, with neonatal, pediatric and adult modes
  • Temperature, 2 channels: YSI 400 and 700 series-compatible connectors
  • Defibrillator Synchronization
  • Real-time Analog output of ECG
  • Electrocautery noise suppression on all channels except Impedance
  • Pneumography


Propaq Encore Model 202EL


Motion Tolerant Monitoring – Propaq Encore 

Welch Allyn’s patented Smartcuf® NIBP available with motion-tolerant pulse oximetry (SpO2) technology from Masimo® or Oximax® technology from Nellcor. Accurate readings during motion or low perfusion lead to more informed treatment decisions, fewer nuisance alarms and quicker readings save valuable time. Ideal for transport, pediatric, shivering or shock patients.

  • List of Features:
  • • Low annual cost of ownership and unmatched reliability
    • One monitor suited for both transport and bedside — no break in monitoring and no need to change sensors
    • MUST PURCHASE Accessories and AC Power Adapter and you’ll be ready to use

Roll Stand Kit for Welch Allyn Propaq Encore (CS SPO2 Monitor)
MPN: DU-PR-0013-04

GCX Roll Stand Kit for Welch Allyn Propaq

See Installation Guide at GCX Instrument Mounting Systems

PROPAQ ENCORE MODEL 202EL (No Invasive Pressure)

  • Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)
  • Capnography (CO2) (available only with SpO2):
  • Mainstream Capnography (MCO2)
  • Sidestream Capnography (SCO2)
  • Dualstream Capnography (Both MCO2 and SCO2)
  • Impedance Pneumography (RESP) (available only with SpO2)
  • Printer (Not Included)
  • HP-compatible side panel
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enFlow Fluid Warmer Available for Purchase

enFlow fluid warmer

enFlow Fluid Warmer Available for Purchase Today! See Details Below…

Vital Signs, Inc. enFlow® IV Fluid and Blood Warming System

From Vital Signs, Inc comes the enFlow Fluid Warmer or The enFlow IV Fluid and Blood Warming System.

Q. Do you Work with Anesthesia? If so, then you have a robust awareness of the need to maintain Normothermia. With the enFlow fluid warmer, you will always deliver the right temperature-to the right place, at the right time!


***** The enFlow Fluid Warmer is Available for Purchase Today *****

We have put together a listing on eBay with 2 different package options

To see the listing on eBay just CLICK HERE to be redirected to eBay’s secured website


By consistently helping to maintain the right patient body temperature, enFlow fluid warmer can help bring the opportunity for both clinical and economic benefits to your hospital. Maintaining normothermia can help lessen complications and speed up recovery time all while helping to reduce length of patient stays and hospital costs. True system mobility and a small transferable cartridge allow enFlow to help maintain normothermia in the right place throughout all care areas. It can be used before, during and after procedures, in any orientation. And, because its cartridge is easily transported from room to room, enFlow fluid warmer maintains your work flow while saving steps.

The enFlow fluid warmer or enFlow IV Fluid and Blood Warming System, rapidly and automatically warms blood, blood products and IV solutions up to 40 °C, helping prevent hypothermia. By warming fluids with accuracy, mobility and speed, the enFlow system can help providers deliver higher-quality care to more patients.

Accuracy – The system automatically warms fluids to 40 ± 2 °C with multiple sensors to ensure fluid temperature accuracy.
Mobility – The small single-patient-use cartridge remains in-line for continuous patient warming, across the care continuum.
Speed – Easy to use, the system rapidly warms fluids to the temperature set point, so you do not need to wait on warming

Items Included when purchasing the enFlow Fluid Warmer from the manufacturer

1. enFlow IV Fluid and Blood Warmer Model 100
2. enFlow AC Power Supply Model 120
3. One Power cable for AC Power Supply
4. Manual (Model 100 / Model 120)
5. enErgy 1 Li-Ion Battery Charger Model 302
6. One Power cable for unit
7. Manual (Model 302)
8. enErgy Battery Model 320 (Lithium-Ion M28)
9. enFlow IV Fluid / Blood Warmer Disposable Cartridge Model 202 (Box of 10)

The enFlow fluid warmer system enables warmed infusate delivery at the right time across all clinical areas, right away in less than 18 seconds. Its low priming volume reduces the time needed to reach the temperature set point, thus allowing the warming process to start quickly. Additionally, its close proximity to the patient.

  • – Convenience of use and one-button operation.
    – Requires little preventive maintenance (5 year schedule) and no calibrations.
    – Warming fluids with accuracy, mobility and speed.
    – Use before, during or after procedures all while being transported from room to room.
    – Enables warmed infusate delivery across all clinical areas- right away within seconds!

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