Medical Learning Using Augmented and Mixed Reality

So when it comes to Medical Learning there really is some cool stuff online.

For example, I came across this 3D Anatomy online which was Medical learning using augmented and mixed reality. It was so interesting that I thought it’s worth a share. It is called Project Esper: Mixed Reality Anatomy Learning by 3D4Medical. 

The developers of this cool idea also have an app. You can find it here Pretty cool, huh?

OKC Used Medical Equipment

Purchase Used Medical Equipment Online

At Iteleti Medical you can purchase OKC Used Medical Equipment like patient monitors, ventilators, and more. Please note, all ReMed Equipment is Refurbished (if applicable) by the OEM. Our Company does not refurbish any of the Used Medical Equipment Oklahoma City that we sell. Items are sold as-is and Warranty is per the Manufacturer. We do not offer or imply any guarantees or warranties on any equipment sold.

If the item is to be used in conjunction with patient care and/or diagnosis, it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser or buyer of said medical device, to obtain any and all proper certifications and licenses if applicable for the use of the device in there City, State, and Country. It is highly recommended and wise to have a bio-med completely check the product for its performance and safety parameters before actual use for patient care and/or diagnosis.

 OKC Used Medical Equipment

Used Medical Equipment Oklahoma City

Sonicor “It” Series, Large Volume Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks with Immersible Transducers, Heat, and Filtration Systems. Sonicor “IT” series are rugged, large capacity, industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems that are made to perform and also offer some of the best performance. Some examples of what you can find would be Ultrasonic Generators or even Immersible Transducers


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All Medical Equipment Items are as we receive them; New unopened box; New opened box-tested; or is Refurbished Used Medical Item; cleaned and handled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions before shipped.  Nothing on this page should be taken to constitute professional advice or a formal recommendation and seller exclude all representations and warranties relating to the contents. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly or refurbished before placing into patient use. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask questions or send us an email.


(We DO NOT SALE any medical device that has been altered in any way that significantly changes the product’s performance or safety specifications.)

ER Critical Care Needs Warm IV Fluids or Warm Blood, Stat!

ER Critical Care Personnel Needs Warm IV Fluids, Warm Blood, and a Rapid Infuser. Stat!

As Preventing hypothermia in hemorrhagic shock victims is becoming increasingly more difficult, the technological advances found in medical equipment must fit the needs of the ER Critical Care personnel, as it relates to their job of saving lives, is dependent upon the combination of technologies.

Whether its EMT, EMS, or ER Critical Care personnel, they must all be able to deliver controlled volumes of warm IV fluids or warm blood in a critical environment to address the concerns of shock induced hypothermia. It’s critical, rapid, requires a blood warmer and a blood infuser and stat! Meaning now.


Medical devices or medical equipment and its technological advances are saving lives, every second of every minute, every day! We aree going to talk about a few of them such as the enFlow IV Fluid Blood Warmer, enErgy 1 model 302 (Enginivity LLC, Vital Signs Inc., a GE Healthcare Company), The Belmont Rapid Infuser or The Belmont Fluid Management System (The Belmont FMS2000 by Belmont Instrument Corp. which requires the Universal 3 Spike Disposable Set 903-00006, are essential life savers in the ER. Nobody knows this better than that of the Critical Care Staff. Which, like the 3-Spike Disposable set are the guts of the Rapid Infuser, the Critical Care Staff are the guts of the ER. IMO.

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