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Our Medical Equipment Support can also assist you in locating or ordering a particular piece, part or special medical equipment or supplies that you would like. We can do an inventory search with different wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers of Medical Equipment Sales from around the world.

Should you have any questions regarding a purchase you have made through Iteleti ReMed either directly or through our online marketplaces such as ebay, dotmed, lab-x, amazon or bonanza, then we ask you to please leave some basic information below so that we may follow-up with you. Thank you.


Iteleti ReMed - Used Medical Equipment
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All Iteleti Medical Equipment Sales New and Used medical devices. The ReMed Equipment is Refurbished (if applicable) by the OEM. Our Company does not refurbish any of the Medical Equipment Sales that we supply. Items are sold as-is and Warranty is per the Manufacturer.

We do not offer or imply any guarantees or warranties on any equipment sold. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all equipment is functioning properly or refurbished before placing into patient use. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask questions and send us an email by clicking on the contact form above.

Thank You!