Linksys USB2HUB4 Proconnect USB 4-Port Hub

Linksys USB2HUB4 also known as Linksys ProConnect USB 4-Port Hub by CISCO


Linksys USB2HUB4

Connect up to four Hi-Speed USB 2.0 or original 1.1 devices to a single USB port when using the Linksys USB2HUB4 ! When the hub connects USB 2.0 devices to a USB 2.0 port, you get data rates up to 480Mbps – perfect for graphics, multimedia, or gaming applications. The Plug-and-Play USB 4-Port Hub is fully backward compatible with earlier USB devices. It is also hot-swappable, so you can connect or disconnect USB devices on the fly. The Hub supports all USB devices, including digital cameras, scanners, game controllers, keyboards, portable data storage, mice, modems, printers, and more. To add even more USB peripherals, you can daisy-chain the USB 4-Port Hub to additional Hubs, up to a maximum of 127 USB devices.
Product Identifiers
Brand Linksys
Model USB 4-Port Hub
UPC 745883552542
Key Features
Form Factor External
Ports Qty 4
Data Transfer Rate 480 Mbps
Data Link Protocol Hi-Speed USB
Compatibility PC
Status Indicators Power, active
Networking Type Hub
Connectivity Technology Wired
Interfaces 4 x Hi-Speed USB – 4 pin USB Type A
Power Supply Power adapter – external

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The hub allows you to expand your USB connections. Users often need to connect external drives, iPods, digital video cameras, memory card readers and other external devices to their computer via USB connections. Adding a hub will allow you to make these connections without constantly swapping cables.
Hot Swappable
USB devices are often hot swappable. This hub fully supports that capability, allowing you to connect and disconnect devices without powering down your computer.
Self Powered
An AC adapter is included to power the hub, allowing you to provide ample power to your external devices when they are connected to your computer.

Linksys USB2HUB4 Specs

Interface – Connectors 4x USB 2.0
1x USB 2.0 for Connection to Computer
Data Transfer Rate 60 MB/sec
LED Indicators Yes
Bus/Host Powered Power Adapter Included
System Requirements
Computer USB 2.0 Port
Operating System Operating System Independent
SMS Shoe Covers

Heavy-Duty SMS Shoe Cover

These Cardinal Health SMS Shoe Covers provide increased strength for use in low to moderate fluid settings.

Here is a Line of fluid resistant SMS shoe covers is constructed of spunbond meltblown spunbond (SMS) material for extra strength and fluid resistance. These are Heavy-duty shoe covers and come with skid resistant tread. They are also 100% latex free. Using the photo below for reference, one should note that these are the Shoe Covers 5852, which have skid-resistant tread.

You can VISIT our Storefront on Just click on the following link and you’ll be directed right to it… Iteleti @


All the Convertors Shoe Covers by Cardinal Health are the Color Blue. Question: What is SMS? Answer: SMS Shoe Covers Consists of meltblown Polypropylene between layers of spunbond polypropylene. It is strong and breathable, providing a blend of protection and comfort. Appropriate for low to moderate fluid settings.

SMS Shoe Covers Part # 5852 Convertors Premium Shoe Covers are Non-skid, Universal Size, and are considered Heavy-duty! See the information we provided in the photo below talking about these SMS Shoe Covers and explains what SMS is.

SMS Shoe Covers

These 5852 Fluid-Resistant Shoe Covers, Skid-Resistant Tread (Universal) are constructed of materials ranging from basic spunbonded polypropylene to polyethylene-coated SMS to accommodate a wide range of intended uses. The Dura-Trac shoe cover is constructed of poly-film, which helps minimize lint and enhance environment cleanliness. Excellent anti-skid protection makes this shoe cover ideal for the challenges of dry and wet conditions.

Fluid-Resistant SMS Shoe Covers by Cardinal Health Medical Products

Dupont Personal Protection, No. 5852 Shoe Cover are SMS Shoe covers. In the class of Heavy-Duty and are Fluid-Resistant. These convertors have Increased fluid resistance and strength, while being 100% latex-free. Also sought after for their Skid-Resistant Tread and the fact they are of Universal Size. Available in the Color Blue only.

This Product is currently UNAVAILABLE

AutoMedx SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator

AutoMedx SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator 600×10

The AutomedX SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator is designed to be quickly deployed in a pre-hospital environment by a BLS or ALS provider, a medic or any first responder with limited training. It is lightweight, rugged, hands-free, and contains a number of alarms and safety features not found in similarly priced devices. The SAVe delivers an AHA compliant tidal volume (600mL) at a fixed respiratory rate (10 bpm) which removes any guesswork and reduces errors.

SAVe Ventilator
Available Now!@ One Left as of June 10th, 2018

Photo of Actual Item
Photo of Actual Item

Comes in the Manuf. Box!
Comes in the Manuf. Box!


Portable, easy to use, safe and cost effective the SAVe is the ideal alternative to bag-valve-masks or expensive transport ventilators.

This Ventilator is in great condition and great working order. Also been kept in storage and has been handled only to maintain the devices functionality per annum. This device was last Calibrated on 01/2011. The Original SAVe Hard Case, ResQstrap, Ventilation Mask, and Manual are NOT INCLUDED (Items can be inexpensively replaced direct from the Manufacturer AutoMedx if you choose to, directly).

AutomedX SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator

Purchase NEW or USED AutoMedx SAVe Ventilators on or go to and shop around


The Ventilator itself and Listed Accessories below all come in a PELICAN HARDIGG hard case equipped with a Halkey Roberts 790 Dual Action Breather Valve (case has some light scratches and scuffs).

AutoMedx SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator 600X10

  • Simplified Automated Ventilator (SAVe) – Primary Unit
  • Single-Use Patient Circuit and Pressure Tubing x 2
  • External power supply and AC plug
  • Supplemental O2 Tubing
  • Waterproof, Military Quality, Pelican Hardigg Hard Case
  • Training Slides (in lieu of Manual)

The device addresses the dangers associated with bagging patients and frees up a responder to address other injuries, perform compressions, attend to other patients or further assist in transporting the patient.

The ventilator is completely self-contained, weighs only 3 pounds and does not require a compressed gas source. It can be used with a mask or a secure airway. Low pressure supplemental oxygen can be used if desired. The SAVe will deliver ambient air for up to 5.5 hours on a single battery charge and may be recharged from a standard AC outlet. It is a set flow, time cycled, pressure limited (38 cmH2O) device.


Ventilation Mode: Positive Pressure ventilation
Tidal Volume: 600ml
FIO2: Ambient air (21%) or supplemental oxygen (21 to 62%) Peak Inspiratory
Pressure: 38cmH20
Inspiratory / Expiratory Time: 2.25 seconds / 3.85 seconds
Breathing Rate: 10BPM (fixed)
Alarms: Low pressure (disconnect), High pressure (blockage) and Low battery.
Alarm Mute: Yes (on – off switch)
Operating Time: 5.5 Hours on Lead – Acid rechargeable battery or continuous on AC power
Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.9 x 6.3cms
Weight: 1.3kgs (Ventilator)

The AutoMedx SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator 600X10 (SAVe) mitigates the potential for injury, reduces operator error, complies with guidelines and improves a medical responder’s ability to perform other critical task. It is ideally suited for situations where the use of pressurized gas is inadvisable or unavailable, or where size, weight, ease of use and portability are a consideration. Forward deployed field medics, mass casualty incident coordinators within the Department of Homeland Security and EMS professionals will find the device well suited to their needs.

AutoMedx SAVe Simplified Automated Ventilator

Success Stories

  • Afghanistan Battlefield
  • The SAVe was used post operatively in Kenya Kenya
  • South African Dignitary Evacuation

Benefits and Features:

Easy to Use:
• Single knob operation
• Low Training Requirements
• Hands-Free

• Allows Spontaneous Breathing
• Accepts Up to 6LPM of supplemental O2
• Powered by Rechargeable Lead-Acid Battery or Electrical Outlet

• Single Tidal Volume and Respiratory Rate Reduces Chance of Operator Error
• Tidal Volume = 600 mL
• Breaths / Minute = 10
• EtCO2 Detector
• No Compressed Gas Required

Intelligent Design:
• Detects Blockage and Disconnects
• Fail-Safe Mechanisms and Visual/Audible Alarms
• Up to 5.5 Hours per Charge

Use Anywhere:
• Rugged, Compact Design (6.5 x 6.25 x 2.5 inches)
• Long shelf life and durability
• Lightweight (3.1 pounds)
• Self-Contained

AutoMedx SAVe


This item is currently unavailable

Impact Uni-Vent 754M Eagle Portable Volume Ventilator

Get the Impact Uni-Vent 754M Eagle Portable Volume Ventilator comes with a Pelican/Hardigg Hard Case and also includes the soft case for the Impact Uni-vent 754M.

Impact Uni-Vent 754M Eagle This Impact Uni-Vent 754M Eagle Ventilator is in Excellent Condition. We acquired this unit from the U.S. Military. The Ventilator was able to run off of the New Battery Power and External Power using enclosed Power Supply when plugged in to a 110V Electrical Outlet. Unit was hooked up to a Ventilator Circuit. 100% Functional. That’s the Extent of our Testing Due to Device needing PM (Preventive Maintenance) including the calibration clock, which is Required to be Reset every 12 months.

Device has not been in use since Calibration was Performed by The Manufacturer in July of 2016. See Photos for More Info! Includes 4 Pages of Summary Inspection Results and Calibration Paperwork from D.O.D. and Manufacturer.

NSN:  6530-01-464-0267
S/N:    0306199

We Guarantee this Unit to Function as Described. All Photos are of the Actual Unit that you will receive. Included with the Impact Uni-vent 754M is as follows:

  • ·       334-0020-00 Strap, Velcro (x2)
  • ·       402-0014-00 Case, Padded, Ventilator and ACC
  • ·       800-0754-01 Ventilator
  • ·       820-0067-00 Ventilator Circuit, Disposable
  • ·       825-0002-00 Hose, Oxygen
  • ·       825-0004-00 Hose, Air
  • ·       703-0754-03 ASSY, DC Power Cable

Model 754M Features:

The Impact Uni-vent Eagle 754M is completely self-contained and requires no outside gas. Featuring an internal compressor and blender, it offers PEEP with controlled assist, SIMV, Intubated CPAP, and CMV (for apnea backup) ventilation modes. Bright graphic LCD provides monitoring and alarm settings. An interactive demo/teaching mode assures fast start up sequence in as little as three steps. EMI/RFI and Air Medical certified.

Impact Uni-vent 754

Features & Specifications

  • Deliverable Gas(es) Air (Internal Compressor, External 50-PSI); Oxygen (External 50-PSI)
  • Tidal Volume Range 0 to 3000 mL
  • I:E Ratio 1:1 Preset, Adjustable 1:1 to 1:599
  • Sensitivity Default, 1.5 to 2.0 cmH2O; Adjustable, 1.0 to 6.0 cmH2O
  • Flow Rate Adjustable, 0 to approximately 60 LPM (0 to approximately 1000 ml/sec)
  • Ventilation Rate Adjustable, 1 to 150 bpm, in 1bpm increments (±1 digit on the display panel)
  • Inspiration Time Adjustable, 0.1 to 3 sec, in 0.1 sec increments (±1 digit on the display panel); 1:2 I:E RATION preset
  • FiO2 Adjustable, 21% to 100% (Internal Air/Oxygen Mixer), resolution in 1% increments, accurate to within ±10%
  • Low Pressure Alarm Adjustable, 0 to 50 cmH2O, in 1 cmH2O increments (±1 digit on the display panel)
  • High Pressure Alarm Adjustable, 15 to 100 cmH2O, in 1 cmH2O increments (±1 digit on the display panel)
  • Peek Inspiratory Pressure Relief Adjustable, 15 to 100 cmH2O, in 1 cmH2O increments (±1 digit on the display panel)
  • Pressure Plateau Range, 5 to 90 cmH2O (referenced to HIGH PRESSURE ALARM set-point)
  • Assist/SIMV Sensitivity Default, 1.5 to 2.0cmH2Obellow end pressure
  • PEEP Program range 1 to 20 cmH2O, in 1 cmH2O increments (±1 digit on the display panel)
  • Sigh Occurs once every 100-ventilations or 7-minutes, whichever occurs first. Sigh duration = 150% Vt (truncated to a combined maximum of 3 seconds)
  • Liquid Crystal Display External Air, Sigh, PEEP, Pressure Plateau, High-Pressure Alarm Setting, Low-Pressure Alarm Setting, Ventilation Rate, Inspiration time/I:E Ratio, Tidal Volume, Air/Oxygen Mixer, Mode, Inspiration/Exhalation, Power, Pear Airway Pressure, Mean Airway Pressure, Digital Bar Graph, High/Low, Airway Pressure Alarm Setpoint Indicators, Paw.
  • LED Indicators Charge/Alarm/System Failure
  • LED Digital Bar Graph Range -10 to 100 cmH2O
  • LCD Alarm Display Battery Low, External Power Low, Low Pressure, O2 Low/Fail, Disconnect, High Pressure, Apnea, Vt, High PEEP, Ext Air Low/Fail, FIO2, Inverse I/E, Comp, Pressure Alarm Settings, Transducer Calibration, Transducer Calibration Abort, System Failure, Ventilator Fail, Inspiration Time Truncated to 3-seconds, Plateau Volume, Preventative Maintenance Due, Vt Settings, Extended Non-Use/ Storage, External Power Failure.

The Impact Uni-vent 754M is currently unavailable




If the item is to be used in conjunction with patient care and/or diagnosis, it is responsibility of the buyer to get proper certifications/licenses for use of the item. It would be highly recommended and wise to have a bio-med completely check the devices performance, safety parameters before actual patient use and/or diagnosis. This Item is guaranteed to be as we represent herein. Ask, Should you have questions

Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit



  •           ONE Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit
  •           SIX STANDARD SIZE COLPAC’s 11” x 14” (CHATTANOOGA P/N CH143CT05-L)
  •           ONE THERMOMETER DIAL 2236-06-1 (CHATTANOOGA P/N 4228)


The Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit is simple and easy to operate. The thermostat controls the temperature of the chilling chamber. It is located in the rear of the unit, behind the removable panel. The refrigeration system of the COLPAC Master Chilling Unit has been adjusted, tested and calibrated to chill the COLPACs to a temperature between 10° F to 21° F (-6° C to -12° C).

Chattanooga C2 Colpac

Large Capacity and fast chilling time of the Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit means your patients will never have to wait. The Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit help you keep pace throughout a busy day.

No Plumbing required, simply plug into a standard electrical outlet.



No plumbing required on the Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit

Closed-cell foam insulation

Drain valve for easy cleaning and defrosting

Stainless steel, welded construction

Heavy-duty compressor

4 (8 cm) swivel-type rubber casters for silent, friction-free movement of mobile units.

C2 Colpac

SPECIFICATIONS (Chattanooga C2 Colpac Chilling Unit):

Rated Voltage: 115V

Rated Frequency: 60 Hz

Current: 4 Amps

Work: .14914KWh or 1/5 hp

Type of Refrigerant: R-134A

Amount of Refrigerant: C-2, 198 g (7 oz.)

Test Pressures: High, 1.62 MPa (235 psi) | Low, 1.03 MPa (150 psi)

Normal Operating Temperature: -12° C to -6° C (+10° F to +21° F)


This item is currently unavailable

HEINE Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set In Hard Case

Brand New HEINE Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set in Hard Case

Here is a Great Deal on a Brand New Set of HEINE Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set in Hard Case which features 28 focusing lenses, 5 apertures including a clear and green filter Kit. See Photo’s and Specifications Below for what is included with these.

HEINE Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set

HEINE Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set

HEINE Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set







HEINE Otoscope & Ophthalmoscope Set in Hard Case (features 28 focusing lenses, 5 apertures including a clear and green filter Kit) NSN 6515-00-550-7199


  • – HEINE Otoscope Head w/Bulb
    – HEINE Ophthalmoscope Head w/Bulb
    – Nasal Speculum
    – Replacement #037 XHL 2.5V Xenon Halogen Bulbs (Total of Two)
    – Replacement #083 XHL 2.5V Xenon Halogen Bulbs (Total of Two)
    – Ear Specula Tips (Total of Three)


HEINE Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set NSN 6515-00-550-7199

  • – Two PROCELL By DURACELL “D” Cell Batteries will be included!

HEINE Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Set NSN 6515-00-550-7199

This item is currently unavailable

Impact Uni-Vent 750 Portable Ventilator

The Impact Uni-Vent 750 Portable Ventilator

 Fully functional and priced right, it’s the best portable ventilator to have on hand.

This Medical Device, the Impact Uni-Vent 750 was previously owned under a US Government Contract with Impact Instrumentation. These Items have gone thru extensive testing by personnel of the Systems Research Branch, Crew Technology Division, Armstrong Laboratory, AFMC, while in use.

Included are Both Original Manuals on the Impact Uni-Vent 750 Portable Ventilator (Normally only available at additional cost to qualified commercial clients). A test setup and a performance check were developed to verify proper functioning of the equipment under various conditions.

The Impact Univent 750 Portable Ventilator is powerful, dependable and used by healthcare professionals the world over. Includes powerful operating modes, full range control settings, a comprehensive alarm system and EMI/RFI certification (including aeromedical). The Impact Uni-Vent 750 Portable Ventilator requires some calculations when adjusting IT and Flow’s to achieve the desired tidal volume. There is a  chart on the back of the Uni Vent 750 to assist you out.

NOTE that you can use the alarm system to effectively pressure ventilate since the Uni-Vent 750 is limited to being a volume targeted ventilator; so that’s why you can use the alarm system to effectively pressure ventilate (if you don’t mind alarms).

Based on the Operational Manual & Service Guidelines provided Standard on all U.S. Department of Defense Procurements for the Impact Uni-Vent 750 Portable Ventilator which meets ISO-9001, and therefore is being SOLD AS-IS in GOOD WORKING CONDITION. Test methods and performance criteria were derived from various military standards, nationally recognized performance guidelines, and the Uni-Vent 750 Portable Ventilator operation and service manual.  Procedures covering safety and human factor issues have been developed by Aeromedical Research personnel.




The Impact Uni-Vent 750, is a portable, electronically controlled, time-cycled, pressure-limited ventilator. It is controlled by an on-board microprocessor that continuously monitors the patient’s airway pressure, all control settings, alarm parameters and power signals. The Uni-Vent 750 Portable Ventilator is operable from internal, rechargeable batteries: 11-30 volts AC or DC, positive or negative ground, 50 to 400 Hz. Its battery pack may be recharged within the range of either of the aforementioned AC or DC voltages.

A 115/230 VAC, 50-400 Hz Multivoltage AC power supply and 12 VDC power cable are provided. The Impact 750 can deliver gas from a compressed gas cylinder, oxygen blender, electric compressor, PTLOX (Portable Therapeutic Liquid Oxygen) or on-board aircraft generated oxygen source. Acceptable input gas pressures to the control module may range up to 100 psi, however, FLOW ADJUST control labeling is based on a 50 psi input. (See WARNINGS REGARDING USE in instruction manual.)

The Impact 750 does not consume gas for operating power. It can provide ventilatory support in CONTROL, ASSIST-CONTROL and SYNCHRONIZED INTERMITTENT MANDATORY VENTILATION (SIMV) modes. Each mode is operable with or without sigh or PEEP (Positive End Expiratory Pressure). Multiple alarm systems are included.


  • – Check the diaphragm valve located in the patient valve for proper placement prior to connecting patient to ventilator. Turn on the unit and cover the patient port to cause some resistance and look at the airway pressure digital bar graph for positive pressure being delivered to the patient.
    – Heat sterilization may cause hazing of the patient valve. Carefully inspect prior to patient use to ensure all attachment ports will withstand use.
    – If a rapid decompression occurs, the FAL alarm could occur. Manual respiration must be assumed and the ventilator reset according to manufacturer’s instructions.
    – For take-off and landings use for AeroMedical, it should be noted to use on battery power only.


Neither the Seller, nor any subsidiary, or agency thereof, nor any of their employees, nor any of their contractors, subcontractors, or their employees, makes any warranty, expressed or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its ready for patient use, for all inspections and patient readiness can be only certified by the end user and/or by its own qualified personnel.



This version of the Reel Splint Immobilizer™ has a unique twist. Two snap ring twist “Quick Disconnect” sleeves are positioned at the bottom or distal end of the splint. These sleeves allow the Reel’s exclusive traction ratchet to be inserted into the distal portion of the splint.

Reel Splint
The Reel Splint by Reel Research and Development, Inc.

With the immobilizer component in the straight and neutral position, the ratchet can then be connected; thus creating the world’s most highly effective long bone traction splint. In this traction configuration there are two vitally important developments incorporated into the splint’s design:

  1. ANATOMICAL PIVOTING ISCHIAL PAD: This assures proper alignment at and with the patient’s “ischial pathway angle.” Pivoting left or right, the ischial pad can be situated with proper and complete consideration of delicate proximal injury sites. The majority of femur fractures occur in this upper third portion of the thigh making this a major concern.
  2. POSITIVE MIDLINE POF: Allows the knee to be slightly flexed and supported at an angle that emulates the patient’s natural anatomical position of function (or POF). This is highly beneficial in achieving proper natural limb alignment during traction while positively effecting nuero vascular integrity.

Reel Splint Tactical System
NSN 6515-01-250-8936


  • – Extrication handles-ideal for patient and extremity management
  • – Wound visualization & treatment- strap design allows complete & total access
  • – Limb repositioning-adapts readily for patient comfort or neuron-vascular restoration
  • – Folding design for storage, autoclavable as well
  • – Elevation stand is pin free-makes stand deployment, storage retractions & replacement simple
  • – Single Hand Ratcheting Control-one medic can control both mechanical traction application & patient manual traction at the same time
  • – Safety Traction Lock-when engaged, this lock feature disables the traction ratcheting knob, preventing any accidental loss of traction
  • – Reel’s one-size-fits-all Ankle Hitch saves time, money & training while providing a significantly improved neutral foot position result.
  • – The smaller profile “wrap around” design leaves pulse points accessible

More from Manufacturer here

Belmont FMS2000 Fluid Management System Rapid Infuser

THE BELMONT FMS2000 Fluid Management System

Belmont FMS2000 also known as the Belmont Fluid Management System or Rapid Infuser…

The Belmont Rapid Infuser product Belmont FMS2000 is a fluid management system that infuses blood, replacement IV fluids or irrigation fluids warmed to physiologic temperature at userset rates from 10 to 750 milliliters per minute (ml/min). Low infusion rates of 2.5 and 5.0ml/min (150 and 300ml/hr) are also available to keep the venous line open. No heating is provided at these low infusion rates.

Flow and Temperature Delivered rapidly and Accurately

The system monitors temperature, line pressure, and air in the fluid path to ensure safe operation and alarms at all unsafe conditions. A hardware override circuit prevents unsafe operation in case of system computer failure.

Belmont Rapid Infuser

Unique Instant Heater

  • Infused fluid warmed to real physiological temperature in seconds
  • No overheating or “hot spots”
  • Patented induction heater warms without water baths or microwaves
  • No temperature drop at high speeds

High Speed Volumetric Pump

  • Complete flow control from 2.5 – 500ml/min at the touch of a button
  • Eliminates dangerous, uncontrollable bag compressors
  • Monitors total infused volume for accurate I/O charting
  • Optional cardiotomy reservoir eliminates frequent bag changing

Belmont FMS2000We have gone through some of the basics on the BELMONT RAPID INFUSER with the Help modules and screens which direct you on the inserting of the disposable and the different service screens without error. Voltage seems correct and display is as it should resolution wise. Like with any unit of this type, it should always be bio-med tested before putting into service.

The BELMONT RAPID INFUSER or Belmont FMS2000 comes with the 86 Page Manual plus Waterproof Hard Case, Software, and Accessories.

The price we are asking for a working device of this magnitude is way below any wholesale price. Only from acquiring such surplus from the Federal Government and Military Surplus Auctions that we are able to offer this device for such a low low price. This really should be advertised and placed on a larger medical site and ask thousands for it compared to the hundreds we are asking. This is a must buy!


M28 Lithium Ion XC Battery

M28 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 28 Volt

M28 Lithium-Ion Battery by Vital Signs, Inc., A GE Healthcare Company

M28 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack – Compare to Milwaukee 28 Volt Battery Part # 48-11-2830

Most are looking for the Battery Pack when trying to solve the problem of how much one has to shell out to purchase a M28 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack from Milwaukee for their power tools. While others are simply just looking for an additional Battery Pack for their EnFlow IV Blood/Fluid Warmer kit. Either way, let me say it wasn’t until I saw the resemblance of this 28-Volt Battery Model 320 by enErgy 1 Vital Signs, Inc. that I thought it looked just like the Milwaukee M28 Red-Lithium XC 48-11-2830. Upon further review, you can see it is very, closely related. Then looking at the charger Model 302, again, very closely related. Then when you see the Specs are the same or at least very close, and the fact it runs all Milwaukee tools that take the V28 or M28 then you know either Milwaukee made them for Vital Signs, Inc or they both use the same Manufacturer.

m28 lithium-ion battery

It has also been seen that a former employee of GE Healthcare also worked for Milwaukee and was an Engineer. Is there a relation here to how it came about or just coincidence? Either way, you can purchase one of these Batteries and not only use it for the EnFlow IV Fluid/Blood Warmer but as a backup battery or for any of your Milwaukee tools apparently (SAME SPECS AS MILWAUKEE 48-11-2830).

For those wanting, here is a link to ebay where you can purchase the M28 Lithium-Ion Battery:

M28 LITHIUM-ION BATTERY (Same Specs as Milwaukee 48-11-2830)

More Information on the M28 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

  • NSN:                             6515-01-595-5282
  • REF:                               91000320
  • MANUFACTURER:      Vital Signs, Inc., A GE Healthcare Company
  •                                      enErgy™ I Lithium-Ion XC M28
  •                                      Model 320
  •                                      Li-ion Battery
  •                                      28V Li-ion 



Blog regarding Specs of item here…  The Garage Journal

  • CAPACITY:                    3.0 Ah
  • VOLTAGE:                    28 Volts
  • TECHNOLOGY:            LI-ION
  • STYLE:                           Slide-On
  • CONDITION:                New
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT:      2.35 Pounds
  • Up to 2x the runtime of regular 28 Volts NiCd
  • Easily check the battery life with a built in fuel gauge
  • Protects tools from damage with onboard overload protection
  • Utilizes digital power management to provide extended life plus longer runtime