Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set 903-00006P

The Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set 903-00006P

What you have here is The Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set 903-00006P which includes the Fluid out detector, pump head, air detector, and keep in mind the valve wand are not part of the set.  The EXPIRATION DATE OF THESE ARE 12/31/2018 AND 01/31/2019.

Some of the Features of the 903-00006 3-Spike Disposable Set are as follows:

  • – 120 ml fluid reservoir with 250 micron filter and an hydrophobic filter for air removal
  • – 3-bag spikes
  • – Heat exchanger assembly
  • – Pressure chamber assembly
  • – 54 inch patient line with injection port

belmont 3 spike disposable set 903-00006P

REF# 903-00006P 3 Spike Disposable Set by Belmont

Consists of 3-bag spikes, 120 ml reservoir chamber with coarse filter, pump tubing, heat exchanger, pressure chamber with air debubbler, a 54 inch patient line, and an interface to temperature and pressure sensors. The set is ready to use to warm and rapidly infuse blood or replacement fluids into patients. It also consists of swivel luer connectors allowing for rapid replacement of the fluid reservoir with the optional 3.0 Liter Reservoir. It is to be used with the Belmont® Rapid Infuser, FMS2000 and RI-2 or also known as the most recent one from Belmont…The Belmont Rapid Infuser 2 only.

THE BELMONT Universal 3 Spike Disposable Set can be found under Part # or Reference # 903-00006P

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ONE (1) UNIVERSAL 3 Spike Disposable Set REF 903-00006P

FOR USE WITH BELMONT MS2000 FLUID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – The Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set is a Sterile single patient use disposable set containing a special heat exchanger, fluid reservoir, patient line and 3 bag spikes.  DIRECTIONS: TO BE USED WITH THE BELMONT RAPID INFUSER (RAPID INFUSER OR RAPID INFUSER 2 RI-2

belmont 3 spike disposable set 903-00006P

For more information you can visit the Manufacturer Belmont Instruments.

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Belmont Disposable Set

Belmont FMS2000 Fluid Management System Rapid Infuser

THE BELMONT FMS2000 Fluid Management System

Belmont FMS2000 also known as the Belmont Fluid Management System or Rapid Infuser…

The Belmont Rapid Infuser product Belmont FMS2000 is a fluid management system that infuses blood, replacement IV fluids or irrigation fluids warmed to physiologic temperature at userset rates from 10 to 750 milliliters per minute (ml/min). Low infusion rates of 2.5 and 5.0ml/min (150 and 300ml/hr) are also available to keep the venous line open. No heating is provided at these low infusion rates.

Flow and Temperature Delivered rapidly and Accurately

The system monitors temperature, line pressure, and air in the fluid path to ensure safe operation and alarms at all unsafe conditions. A hardware override circuit prevents unsafe operation in case of system computer failure.

Belmont Rapid Infuser

Unique Instant Heater

  • Infused fluid warmed to real physiological temperature in seconds
  • No overheating or “hot spots”
  • Patented induction heater warms without water baths or microwaves
  • No temperature drop at high speeds

High Speed Volumetric Pump

  • Complete flow control from 2.5 – 500ml/min at the touch of a button
  • Eliminates dangerous, uncontrollable bag compressors
  • Monitors total infused volume for accurate I/O charting
  • Optional cardiotomy reservoir eliminates frequent bag changing

Belmont FMS2000We have gone through some of the basics on the BELMONT RAPID INFUSER with the Help modules and screens which direct you on the inserting of the disposable and the different service screens without error. Voltage seems correct and display is as it should resolution wise. Like with any unit of this type, it should always be bio-med tested before putting into service.

The BELMONT RAPID INFUSER or Belmont FMS2000 comes with the 86 Page Manual plus Waterproof Hard Case, Software, and Accessories.

The price we are asking for a working device of this magnitude is way below any wholesale price. Only from acquiring such surplus from the Federal Government and Military Surplus Auctions that we are able to offer this device for such a low low price. This really should be advertised and placed on a larger medical site and ask thousands for it compared to the hundreds we are asking. This is a must buy!


ER Critical Care Needs Warm IV Fluids or Warm Blood, Stat!

ER Critical Care Personnel Needs Warm IV Fluids, Warm Blood, and a Rapid Infuser. Stat!

As Preventing hypothermia in hemorrhagic shock victims is becoming increasingly more difficult, the technological advances found in medical equipment must fit the needs of the ER Critical Care personnel, as it relates to their job of saving lives, is dependent upon the combination of technologies.

Whether its EMT, EMS, or ER Critical Care personnel, they must all be able to deliver controlled volumes of warm IV fluids or warm blood in a critical environment to address the concerns of shock induced hypothermia. It’s critical, rapid, requires a blood warmer and a blood infuser and stat! Meaning now.


Medical devices or medical equipment and its technological advances are saving lives, every second of every minute, every day! We aree going to talk about a few of them such as the enFlow IV Fluid Blood Warmer, enErgy 1 model 302 (Enginivity LLC, Vital Signs Inc., a GE Healthcare Company), The Belmont Rapid Infuser or The Belmont Fluid Management System (The Belmont FMS2000 by Belmont Instrument Corp. which requires the Universal 3 Spike Disposable Set 903-00006, are essential life savers in the ER. Nobody knows this better than that of the Critical Care Staff. Which, like the 3-Spike Disposable set are the guts of the Rapid Infuser, the Critical Care Staff are the guts of the ER. IMO.

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