M28 Lithium Ion XC Battery

M28 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack 28 Volt

M28 Lithium-Ion Battery by Vital Signs, Inc., A GE Healthcare Company

M28 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack – Compare to Milwaukee 28 Volt Battery Part # 48-11-2830

Most are looking for the Battery Pack when trying to solve the problem of how much one has to shell out to purchase a M28 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack from Milwaukee for their power tools. While others are simply just looking for an additional Battery Pack for their EnFlow IV Blood/Fluid Warmer kit. Either way, let me say it wasn’t until I saw the resemblance of this 28-Volt Battery Model 320 by enErgy 1 Vital Signs, Inc. that I thought it looked just like the Milwaukee M28 Red-Lithium XC 48-11-2830. Upon further review, you can see it is very, closely related. Then looking at the charger Model 302, again, very closely related. Then when you see the Specs are the same or at least very close, and the fact it runs all Milwaukee tools that take the V28 or M28 then you know either Milwaukee made them for Vital Signs, Inc or they both use the same Manufacturer.

m28 lithium-ion battery

It has also been seen that a former employee of GE Healthcare also worked for Milwaukee and was an Engineer. Is there a relation here to how it came about or just coincidence? Either way, you can purchase one of these Batteries and not only use it for the EnFlow IV Fluid/Blood Warmer but as a backup battery or for any of your Milwaukee tools apparently (SAME SPECS AS MILWAUKEE 48-11-2830).

For those wanting, here is a link to ebay where you can purchase the M28 Lithium-Ion Battery:

M28 LITHIUM-ION BATTERY (Same Specs as Milwaukee 48-11-2830)

More Information on the M28 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

  • NSN:                             6515-01-595-5282
  • REF:                               91000320
  • MANUFACTURER:      Vital Signs, Inc., A GE Healthcare Company
  •                                      enErgy™ I Lithium-Ion XC M28
  •                                      Model 320
  •                                      Li-ion Battery
  •                                      28V Li-ion 



Blog regarding Specs of item here…  The Garage Journal

  • CAPACITY:                    3.0 Ah
  • VOLTAGE:                    28 Volts
  • TECHNOLOGY:            LI-ION
  • STYLE:                           Slide-On
  • CONDITION:                New
  • PRODUCT WEIGHT:      2.35 Pounds
  • Up to 2x the runtime of regular 28 Volts NiCd
  • Easily check the battery life with a built in fuel gauge
  • Protects tools from damage with onboard overload protection
  • Utilizes digital power management to provide extended life plus longer runtime
enFlow fluid warmer

enFlow Fluid Warmer Available for Purchase

enFlow Fluid Warmer! See Details Below…

Vital Signs, Inc. enFlow® IV Fluid and Blood Warming System

From Vital Signs, Inc comes the enFlow Fluid Warmer or The enFlow IV Fluid and Blood Warming System.

Q. Do you Work with Anesthesia? If so, then you have a robust awareness of the need to maintain Normothermia. With the enFlow fluid warmer, you will always deliver the right temperature-to the right place, at the right time!

By consistently helping to maintain the right patient body temperature, enFlow fluid warmer can help bring the opportunity for both clinical and economic benefits to your hospital. Maintaining normothermia can help lessen complications and speed up recovery time all while helping to reduce length of patient stays and hospital costs. True system mobility and a small transferable cartridge allow enFlow to help maintain normothermia in the right place throughout all care areas. It can be used before, during and after procedures, in any orientation. And, because its cartridge is easily transported from room to room, enFlow fluid warmer maintains your work flow while saving steps.

The enFlow fluid warmer or enFlow IV Fluid and Blood Warming System, rapidly and automatically warms blood, blood products and IV solutions up to 40 °C, helping prevent hypothermia. By warming fluids with accuracy, mobility and speed, the enFlow system can help providers deliver higher-quality care to more patients.

Accuracy – The system automatically warms fluids to 40 ± 2 °C with multiple sensors to ensure fluid temperature accuracy.
Mobility – The small single-patient-use cartridge remains in-line for continuous patient warming, across the care continuum.
Speed – Easy to use, the system rapidly warms fluids to the temperature set point, so you do not need to wait on warming

Items Included when purchasing the enFlow Fluid Warmer from the manufacturer

1. enFlow IV Fluid and Blood Warmer Model 100
2. enFlow AC Power Supply Model 120
3. One Power cable for AC Power Supply
4. Manual (Model 100 / Model 120)
5. enErgy 1 Li-Ion Battery Charger Model 302
6. One Power cable for unit
7. Manual (Model 302)
8. enErgy Battery Model 320 (Lithium-Ion M28)
9. enFlow IV Fluid / Blood Warmer Disposable Cartridge Model 202 (Box of 10)

The enFlow fluid warmer system enables warmed infusate delivery at the right time across all clinical areas, right away in less than 18 seconds. Its low priming volume reduces the time needed to reach the temperature set point, thus allowing the warming process to start quickly. Additionally, its close proximity to the patient.

  • – Convenience of use and one-button operation.
    – Requires little preventive maintenance (5 year schedule) and no calibrations.
    – Warming fluids with accuracy, mobility and speed.
    – Use before, during or after procedures all while being transported from room to room.
    – Enables warmed infusate delivery across all clinical areas- right away within seconds!

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