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Portable Liquid Oxygen Unit Essex MODS

The only Portable Liquid Oxygen Unit of its kind Manufactured by Essex Cryogenics called the Mass Oxygen Distribution System or MODS, is an Emergency Oxygen System for the Masses. The MODS is the only Medical Grade Oxygen Delivery System that can be immediately deployed and set-up anywhere!

This low pressure, portable 75 liter liquid oxygen storage and gaseous distribution system is capable of supplying oxygen to as many as 150 patients at the same time through the use of Patient Distribution Kits, PODS, or a Linear Patient Distribution Kit (LPDK). Which sole purpose is to provide the additional lines to distribute oxygen to patients.

Capable of delivering oxygen indefinitely by alternating the oxygen from one VGL (Vertical Gas Liquid) Cylinder / VGL Connection to the other VGL Connection / VGL Cylinder.

Dual vaporizers allow switching immediately from one external source to another. Thus, breathing oxygen is seamlessly and continuously provided without interruption even after the relatively immense on board LOX (Liquid Oxygen) is used. Moreover, the system provides an ability to fill/refill on board LOX while simultaneously delivering oxygen to patients, again without interruption.

The use of a dual coil heat exchanger means that frost build-up on the heat exchanger does not interrupt operation.

The low temperature caution alarm and outlet gas pressure warning alarm provide protection to patient from cold oxygen and from loss of pressure no matter whether few or many patients are using the system.

The battery-driven microprocessor alarms with pressure and temperature alarming with outlet pressure signaling alert to the need for VGL/source change-over.

The large 75-liter on board LOX storage provides a hospital-type flow of many hours before supplementing, as by VGL resupply, will be needed.

Safe and effective mass distribution of breathing oxygen is thus assured in a situation such as a mass casualty incident where many patients need emergency oxygen in a location where, for example, patients, even if widely located about the location, will be given medical attention for an indefinite period whether of a few hours or many hours. A great need is thereby fulfilled.

After use, the shutoff/vent feature allows the outlet to be shut off and vent all hoses and accessories at the same time, so safely allowing system disassembly.

The MODS Portable Liquid Oxygen Unit is an FDA Class II Device with FDA 510K Clearance and is covered under U.S. Patent # 8,402,965.

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FDA Classification for Portable Liquid Oxygen System

It has solid rubber tires and can be moved by one person. The MODS is certified to D.O.T. 4L for safe transportation of Liquid Oxygen. The delivery rate/deration is 450 LPM at 200 +/- PSIG to multiple patients.

A Required Operating Temperature should be between -32 DEG F to 130 DEG F (0 C to 49 C) with an Outlet Pressure of 200 PSIG nominal.

portable liquid oxygen unit

Essex MODS is a portable, large-volume, supply and distribution system designed to provide life-saving oxygen to mass-incident, multi-patient injury sites.

portable liquid oxygen unit



P/N 10C-0061-3

The  Essex MODS Mass  Oxygen  Distribution  System  is  a  low  pressure  portable  liquid  oxygen  storage  and  gaseous  distribution  system  that is mobile, extremely robust and made to the highest quality and durability standards.