Welch Allyn Propaq Encore 206EL Patient Monitor

Welch Allyn Propaq Encore 206 EMPSC Patient Monitor ETCO2 Capnography SpO2 NIBP

The Welch Allyn Propaq Encore 206 EL Patient Monitor is designed specifically for the traveling anesthesiologist, emergency room, and critical care transport. This multi-parameter monitor features ECG, SPO2, IBP, and NIBP with Printer / Recorder. The Propaq has a built-in bed rail hook and integral battery. The monitor is light weight, fast, portable and easy-to-use.

Welch Allyn Propaq Encore

The Propaq Encore Expansion Module attaches to the monitor and houses additional capabilities. The Expansion Module can be fitted with the SpO2, CO2, and Printer options.

The Propaq Encore is intended for ECG monitoring of either a five-lead or three-lead configuration, including the Marriott configuration 1 (MCL1 requires all three electrodes). The five lead configuration can derive one of seven user-selected signals, Lead I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, or V.

The Impedance Pneumography (RESP) Option detects the rate or absence of respiratory effort, and is configured with the Pulse Oximetry option.

  • Features

    • Continuous monitoring in challenging transport environments
    • Custom selection of up to 4 viewable waveforms
    • Adult, pediatric and neonatal modes for customized monitoring
    • Offers durability and long battery life
    • Optional connectivity to Acuity® Central Station for truly flexible monitoring

Welch Allyn Propaq Encore 206EL

  • Welch Allyn Propaq Encore 206 EL Monitor w/SPO2 and End Tidal CO2 Capnography Includes Hard Case and The Following Accessories Listed Below:
    • Welch Allyn Propaq Encore 206 EL Monitor Option Number 229
    • ConMed ECG Electrode REF 1590-030
    • Welch Allyn Adult NIBP Hose 10 foot REF 008-0238-00-REV-B1
    • Welch Allyn Temperature Sensor REF 008-0230-00
    • Welch Allyn Temperature Cable 10 foot Extension REF 008-0235-00
    • Welch Allyn ECG Cable, 5 Lead, Attached Lead Wires REF 008-0313-00
    • Welch Allyn Thigh Cuff REF REUSE-13-1MQ
    • Welch Allyn Adult Cuff REF REUSE-12-1MQ
    • Welch Allyn Child Cuff REF REUSE-09-1MQ
    • Propaq Encore Reference Guide Ref 810-2106-02
    • Welch Allyn Power Supply REF 503-0054-02
    • Welch Allyn Lead-Acid Battery Rechargeable REF 008-0125-00
    • Propaq Encore Software CD and Service Manual CD
    • OxiMax DS-100A Durasensor Adult Oxygen Sensor
    • Nellcor Sensor Extension Cable REF DEC8
    • Adult O2/EtCO2 CANNULA
    • Welch Allyn Cords and Accessories as seen in Photo’s


You can find more information from the manufacturers website by clicking here

Welch Allyn Propaq CS 242 Patient Monitor

Welch Allyn Propaq CS 242 Patient Monitor

Continuous vital signs monitoring for procedural sedation and recovery. The Welch Allyn Propaq CS 242 Features a bright, color touchscreen display for continuous vital signs monitoring in hospital environments, during conscious sedation, and pre- and post-operative care.

Cost-effective monitoring solutions for outpatient surgery and procedures. The Propaq product line was designed for rugged military use and can stand up to your toughest days. The Welch Allyn Propaq® CS 242 Patient Monitor is Recommended for continuous vital signs monitoring for procedural sedation and pre- and post-operative care.

  • 3- or 5-lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, Pulse rate, respiration, temperature
  • Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Optional features included: Mainstream CO2 Capnography; Blood Pressure Channel and Integrated Printer; connectivity to Acuity Central Station (hospital). 
  • Neonatal, pediatric and adult modes
  • Full patient alarms and apnea alarming
  • Trending on all parameters

Welch Allyn Propaq CS 242 Patient Monitor


Outpatient Surgery & Procedures Brochure

Ambulatory Surgical Center Brochure


With this purchase you will get a Propaq CS Patient Monitor Model 242 with the Expansion Module that includes the following configuration and accessories:

  • CO2 Mainstream, SpO2, NIBP, Color Touch Screen, Printer and Included Accessories plus the Rolling Stand.

Welch Allyn Propaq CS 242 Patient Monitor 

These were all owned previously by the U.S. Government and were pulled from Federal V.A. Hospital and from Medical Facilities on Military Bases; Each in Good Working and Physical Condition; Just that the Manufacturer Warranty Expired and The Service Contract Expired. At that point the Government sends to DRMO.


  • ·       Nellcor Oximax SpO2 Extension Cable DEC-8
  • ·       Nellcor OxiMax SpO2 Finger Probe Sensor DS-100A
  • ·       Welch Allyn NIBP Hose; Includes Connectors
  • ·       Welch Allyn or Similar Blood Pressure Cuff (Adult Size)
  • ·       Welch Allyn -3 Lead ECG Cable
  • ·       Welch Allyn Power Supply
  • ·       Welch Allyn or Similar Hospital Grade Power Cord

Propaq CS 242 Rolling Stand


The Welch Allyn Rolling Stand for the Propaq CS 242 Patient Monitor can be Purchased by clicking on the link below.

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Rolling Stand for Propaq CS



These are all Model 242 with the following Configuration:

  • Propaq CS 242 – 8.4″ TFT Color Display – monitors Adult 3- or 5-Lead ECG, Respiration, NIBP, Invasive BP, Nellcor OxiMax SpO2, Temperature, Expansion Module with Printer, and Capnography CO2 Mainstream