Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set 903-00006P

The Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set 903-00006P

What you have here is The Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set 903-00006P which includes the Fluid out detector, pump head, air detector, and keep in mind the valve wand are not part of the set.  The EXPIRATION DATE OF THESE ARE 12/31/2018 AND 01/31/2019.

Some of the Features of the 903-00006 3-Spike Disposable Set are as follows:

  • – 120 ml fluid reservoir with 250 micron filter and an hydrophobic filter for air removal
  • – 3-bag spikes
  • – Heat exchanger assembly
  • – Pressure chamber assembly
  • – 54 inch patient line with injection port

belmont 3 spike disposable set 903-00006P

REF# 903-00006P 3 Spike Disposable Set by Belmont

Consists of 3-bag spikes, 120 ml reservoir chamber with coarse filter, pump tubing, heat exchanger, pressure chamber with air debubbler, a 54 inch patient line, and an interface to temperature and pressure sensors. The set is ready to use to warm and rapidly infuse blood or replacement fluids into patients. It also consists of swivel luer connectors allowing for rapid replacement of the fluid reservoir with the optional 3.0 Liter Reservoir. It is to be used with the Belmont® Rapid Infuser, FMS2000 and RI-2 or also known as the most recent one from Belmont…The Belmont Rapid Infuser 2 only.

THE BELMONT Universal 3 Spike Disposable Set can be found under Part # or Reference # 903-00006P

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ONE (1) UNIVERSAL 3 Spike Disposable Set REF 903-00006P

FOR USE WITH BELMONT MS2000 FLUID MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – The Belmont 3 Spike Disposable Set is a Sterile single patient use disposable set containing a special heat exchanger, fluid reservoir, patient line and 3 bag spikes.  DIRECTIONS: TO BE USED WITH THE BELMONT RAPID INFUSER (RAPID INFUSER OR RAPID INFUSER 2 RI-2

belmont 3 spike disposable set 903-00006P

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