SMS Shoe Covers

Heavy-Duty SMS Shoe Cover

These Cardinal Health SMS Shoe Covers provide increased strength for use in low to moderate fluid settings.

Here is a Line of fluid resistant SMS shoe covers is constructed of spunbond meltblown spunbond (SMS) material for extra strength and fluid resistance. These are Heavy-duty shoe covers and come with skid resistant tread. They are also 100% latex free. Using the photo below for reference, one should note that these are the Shoe Covers 5852, which have skid-resistant tread.

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All the Convertors Shoe Covers by Cardinal Health are the Color Blue. Question: What is SMS? Answer: SMS Shoe Covers Consists of meltblown Polypropylene between layers of spunbond polypropylene. It is strong and breathable, providing a blend of protection and comfort. Appropriate for low to moderate fluid settings.

SMS Shoe Covers Part # 5852 Convertors Premium Shoe Covers are Non-skid, Universal Size, and are considered Heavy-duty! See the information we provided in the photo below talking about these SMS Shoe Covers and explains what SMS is.

SMS Shoe Covers

These 5852 Fluid-Resistant Shoe Covers, Skid-Resistant Tread (Universal) are constructed of materials ranging from basic spunbonded polypropylene to polyethylene-coated SMS to accommodate a wide range of intended uses. The Dura-Trac shoe cover is constructed of poly-film, which helps minimize lint and enhance environment cleanliness. Excellent anti-skid protection makes this shoe cover ideal for the challenges of dry and wet conditions.

Fluid-Resistant SMS Shoe Covers by Cardinal Health Medical Products

Dupont Personal Protection, No. 5852 Shoe Cover are SMS Shoe covers. In the class of Heavy-Duty and are Fluid-Resistant. These convertors have Increased fluid resistance and strength, while being 100% latex-free. Also sought after for their Skid-Resistant Tread and the fact they are of Universal Size. Available in the Color Blue only.

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