Welch Allyn DuraShock Cuff

Welch Allyn DuraShock Cuff

Large Adult 2-pc Cuff Sphygmomanometer REF: DS44-12CB

Welch Allyn DuraShock Cuff DS44 Pocket Aneroid Sphygmomanometer; Gear Free, Shock Resistant, 5-Year Calibration Warranty; Inflation Bulb and Valve; Size-12 Large Adult, Reusable (Two Piece), 1-Tube Cuff; Integrated-Gauge Adapter




Part Number: DS44-12CB or Model Number DS44-12CB

GTIN: 00732094085365




Welch Allyn DuraShock Cuff is a Velcro Adult Cuff blood pressure gauge with innovative DuraShock technology – the first and only gear-free, shock-resistant aneroid sphygmomanometer technology. For use by Individuals trained in auscultatory blood pressure technique to determine systolic and diastolic blood pressure in humans and animals.

Gear-free DuraShock design is much more durable than traditional aneroids with gears. This integrated system features a Flexi-Port cuff mounted design that is compact and lightweight for ease of use.


 Welch Allyn REF: DS44-12CB

Durashock, Large Adult 2-pc Cuff +H190DS44-12CB0

Sphygmomanometer AD 1S 6783DS4412CB    


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Blood pressure measurements determined with this device are equivalent to those obtained by a trained observer using the auscultatory method, within the limits prescribed by the American National Standard ANSI/AAMI SP9, 1994, non-automated sphygmomanometers.