Welch Allyn Pocketscope Set

welch allyn pocketscope set
Welch Allyn Pocketscope Set – AA Battery Handles Included

Welch Allyn Pocketscope Set Ophthalmoscope Otoscope Diagnostic Sets with Hard Case Model 92820 / 92821

This Welch Allyn PocketScope Set is a 2.5 V Halogen Diagnostic Sets includes the Pocket Scope Otoscope, the Pocket Scope Ophthalmoscope, Two AA-Battery Handles with NEW Batteries for each instrument(head) handle, Disposable and Reusable Ear Specula and Hard Case. See Photos.

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Welch Allyn Pocket Scope™ Otoscope with Throat Illuminator is small, convenient, and easy to use with bright, white halogen light and a built-in throat illuminator. It features a Halogen light for true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination. Juswt Detach the otoscope head to use the throat illuminator or all-purpose penlight. Fiber optics provide cool light with no reflections or obstructions. The Wide-angle viewing lens allows for instrumentation under magnification.

Extremely compact, lightweight, and portable. The size makes it really easy to keep in a coat pocket or even clip it on to your belt or waistband. Functionally about as good as the full size one!


  • Full-featured ophthalmoscope and otoscope at smaller more convenient size
  • Halogen light
  • 12 aperture/filter combinations and 48 focusing lenses
  • Fiber optic light, wide-angle lens and built-in throat illuminator
  • Sealed system for pneumatic otoscopy
  • Lightweight and portable in hard case


1   –   PocketScope Ophthalmoscope (#13000) with 2.5v Halogen HPX Lamp

1   –   PocketScope Otoscope (#21111) with 2.5v Halogen HPX Lamp

2   –   PocketScope Handle (#72830) w/AA Batteries

4   –   Reusable Polypropylene Diagnostic Otoscope Specula

1   –   Tube Assembly with Disposable Specula, 4 mm

1   –   Hard Storage Case (92820)

4   –   “AA” Batteries

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